WildSafeBC is the provincial leader in preventing conflicts with wildlife through undertaking collaboration, education and community solutions.

The BC Conservation Officer Service receives over 30,000 calls each year about wildlife in British Columbia. WildSafeBC plays an important role in supporting and educating communities across the province.  

WildSafeBC Highlights

Report all wildlife conflicts to the BC Conservation Officer Service RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277 

Reports of conflicts with wildlife are on the rise in British Columbia, and many of these events are a result of human actions and activities. These conflicts may be regarding wildlife entering urban areas, property that is damaged, or livestock and pets that are injured or killed. These events often place the health and welfare of people at risk.

WildSafeBC has been working with local governments, provincial government staff, Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members, local agencies, and other non-profits since 1998. We provide effective solutions to address root causes of human-wildlife conflicts. WildSafeBC accomplishes this work by working on the ground with a team of Community Coordinators that reside throughout BC.

WildSafeBC Impact

2022 achievements include:

  • Recruitment and support for 27 community coordinators.
  • Outreach to 7,000 people through door-to-door canvassing in wildlife conflict hotspots.
  • 18,300 conversations at info booths.
  • Engaged over 8,400 youth during WildSafe Ranger presentations.
  • Educated 3,000 people about wildlife insights and how to use bear spray.
  • Outreach to 2,700 residents that received notice stickers on their garbage/compost bins the evening before collection – when bears are actively seeking easy sources of food.
  • Support for certified Bear Smart communities by providing advice on bylaws, policies and best practices.


WildSafeBC Outreach in 2022

Over 140,000 views on WildSafeBC’s website and over 323,000 views on Facebook.

WildSafeBC eLearning courses are very popular. Over 2,000 participants successfully completed online courses.

WildSafeBC’s Wildlife Alert Reporting Program had over 3,600 subscribers that received over 467,000 alerts.

Visit WildSafeBC for more information and to request support in your community.