About Us

How We Started

In 1969, a group of hunters and anglers associated with the BC Wildlife Federation were looking for ways to boost revenue for conservation and land acquisition to help conserve British Columbia’s rich wildlife and habitat.

Our Story

The British Columbia Conservation Foundation, a charitable not-for-profit society developed an important niche managing and administrating conservation projects in partnership with various funders.

And with that focus, vision and enthusiasm, the British Columbia Conservation Foundation stood at the dawn of a quite different, new day.

This enabled us to support the efforts of local conservation organizations in their efforts to enhance and conserve fish and wildlife populations.

We welcome you to get to know us better by reading about our history: 40 Years of the BC Conservation Foundation.

BC Conservation Foundation promotes fish and wildlife through education, collaboration and habitat conservation.

We bring people and resources together to achieve innovative conservation solutions for thriving fish and wildlife populations throughout BC.

We are an enterprising, mission-driven, registered charity that delivers project management services and conservation programs. We measure our value through a blend of economic, social and environmental outcomes. A percentage of funds are reinvested into mission-aligned conservation efforts across BC. 

For over 50 years, BC Conservation Foundation has implemented conservation projects with a total value of over $200 million working with First Nations, all levels of governments, non-governmental organizations, industry, private groups and educational institutions. 

We have an excellent reputation as one of the most active organizations in the field of environmental project management and implementation. Our professional team brings together decades of experience in project delivery and knows what it takes to achieve positive results.

In 2022, we delivered $11 million in project-related restoration, enhancement and acquisitions.

Donate to our conservation programs, such as WildSafeBC, Wildlife Collision Prevention and the Land for Wildlife Fund.


Ironically, it was a recession that

kick-started the organization to become a leader in the habitat conservation

Our Partners

BC Conservation Foundation is proud and grateful to enjoy the support of a number of other partners, including numerous First Nations, and various Municipal and Regional Governments.


We bring people and resources together to achieve innovative conservation solutions.

Some of the various conservation projects we manage and collaborate on include:

  • Cumulative Effects Assessment

  • Data/Modeling/Reporting

  • Ecosystem Mapping/Modeling

  • Effectiveness Monitoring

  • Habitat Enhancement/Restoration

  • Impact Assessment/Mitigation

  • Indigenous Engagement

  • Invasive Species

  • Inventories

  • Monitoring

  • Research and Policy Development

    Public Outreach

  • Water Management

  • Wildlife Health

We invite you to get to know us better by reading:

40 Years of the BC Conservation Foundation