How we make a difference

British Columbia Conservation Foundation was founded and incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia in 1969 to  enhance fish and wildlife populations and their habitats through the implementation of environmental conservation projects. We are a registered charity dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of British Columbia’s species and biodiversity.

Our Mission

We promote the conservation of fish and wildlife in the Province of British Columbia through education, collaboration and habitat acquisition. We do this by managing projects on behalf of various rights and stakeholders and also run our own programs and initiatives to support conservation in BC.


BC Conservation Foundation recognizes the value and importance for community-based partnerships and collaborations. We do this with our partners providing confidence in our abilities to undertake innovative initiatives that show on-the-ground results.

We help strengthen capacity within other groups, communities and organizations through providing assistance and expertise in  project implementation.

We continue to support conservation efforts at the local level through our own programs to enhance and conserve fish and wildlife and their habitats.  

We recognize and seize opportunities to respond to changing times. We are committed partners and strive to do what we say at every level. We steward resources responsibly.

What We Do

We work closely with our partners to undertake initiatives such as in cumulative effects assessment, data/modeling/reporting, ecosystem mapping/modeling, effectiveness monitoring, habitat enhancement/restoration, impact assessment/mitigation, Indigenous engagement, invasive species, inventories, monitoring, research and policy,  public outreach, water management and wildlife health.

Our provincial network of biologists, technical experts and practitioners help bring people and resources together to scope projects and develop partnerships. Our reputation and network are key contributors to our various conservation achievements.

We provide high quality, cost-effective services through engaging in strategic collaborations with Indigenous communities, all levels of government, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and educational institutions. have enabled us to successfully implement over 10,000 conservation projects over the years!

What We Do?

We partner with our clients on project management services for the administration, budgeting, finances and implementation of conservation projects. We have a passionate and experienced team at three regional offices in Nanaimo, Kamloops and Surrey, BC.

Regional Managers and Coordinators are responsible for client relations, contract negotiations, proposal writing, financial analysis, sub-contracting, and monitoring and reporting – and are involved in all aspects of project management. Each regional office maintains a database of skilled personnel available to work on local projects. We provide the financial expertise and administrative support that includes payroll, human resources, IT and financial accounting services.

We are known for efficient management with limited resources and have been contributing to the positive impacts within land, water, fish and wildlife that make BC so special and that so many British Columbians have come to cherish.