There are many ways to get involved in conservation projects across British Columbia, whether it be becoming a member, volunteering, or working directly with us as a contractor or employee.

Become a Member

The intention of the WCPP is to make BC’s highways safer for both people and wildlife. A major focus of the WCPP is to provide education and awareness for motorists on wildlife vehicle collision prevention.


Find two articles below: a Volunteer Flyer, which lays out the details of this opportunity, and a Volunteer Waiver form, which is necessary if volunteering with BCCF. Please download both files below and follow the instructions listed in the first article.

BCCF will not accept phone calls or emails pertaining to this opportunity.


For conservation projects that require unique expertise, BCCF will often contract work to environmental professionals who specialize in the project’s specific focus.

Request a Quote

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Job Postings

At BCCF we hire staff for our conservation projects as funding becomes available.

Projects for which we are currently hiring are listed below. Each project has its own unique hiring requirements and selection process. Please apply as outlined under each project’s page.