BC Conservation Foundation is committed to strengthening relationships with Indigenous communities to support their conservation efforts. Our Indigenous engagement is guided by principles of respect, reciprocity and collaboration to create mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnerships.

Working Together

BC Conservation Foundation provides capacity-building support with Indigenous communities to help learn from each other in conservation efforts and to compliment our knowledge and capacities to manage land and resources holistically and sustainably.

We are interested in working with Indigenous communities to help us identify conservation priorities and incorporate Indigenous knowledge and perspectives with western science in conservation projects, planning and decision-making.


Indigenous engagement is a vital and growing component of our work. We are working to build respectful and collaborative relationships with Indigenous communities. BC Conservation Foundation recognizes the critical role that Indigenous peoples play on the land and conserving the natural environment.

We engage with Indigenous communities and contractors through undertaking numerous conservation projects. We aim to design projects flexible and responsive to the needs and priorities of Indigenous communities to support community-led conservation efforts.

From Talk to Action

BC Conservation Foundation has an Indigenous Engagement Committee that consists of staff and board members to advance our understanding and engagement.

We commit to developing site-specific approaches to managing and preserving Indigenous cultural heritage while simultaneously respecting access to these resources by members of Indigenous communities.

We use our knowledge and experience to support Indigenous communities interested in exploring land trust models to advance reconciliation through land conservation.

Working Together for Land, Fish and Wildlife

The conservation field is changing. Indigenous Peoples are increasingly being heard and recognized for being the original land stewards and conservation decision-makers – what they have been doing since time immemorial.

BC Conservation Foundation acknowledges that Indigenous Peoples have protected and cared for natural areas, biodiversity and the flora and fauna that make British Columbia such a unique and beautiful home.

We also acknowledge we have much to learn from Indigenous Peoples that can help us to become better conservationists. We aim to assist Indigenous communities and Nations to achieve their conservation and stewardship goals when invited.

Indigenous Conservation Projects 

We aim to form meaningful and authentic relationships that are grounded in mutual respect and reciprocity to achieve significant conservation outcomes. We are committed to using our capacity, expertise and influence to act as an ally in support of Indigenous-led conservation projects and to partner when appropriate.

We have a plan to continue to expand our understanding of our lands and waters and improve our stewardship by continuing to learn about Indigenous knowledge, culture, history and the people living alongside us in British Columbia.