BC Conservation Foundation contributed $120,000 towards the Park Rill Floodplain that covers 61 hectares (153 acres) and is located in the biodiversity ‘hotspot’ of the South Okanagan. BC Conservation Foundation worked with the Nature Trust of BC to secure a large, ecologically important property that is a significant holding for part of the White Lake Biodiversity Ranch lands complex.

Park Rill Creek runs through the property, is important habitat for species at risk and includes endangered Half-moon Hairstreak butterfly and other rare species such as Brewer’s Sparrow, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Painted Turtle and Blotched Tiger Salamander.

The property also provides habitat connectivity for wide ranging wildlife species, through the sagebrush, grasslands, wetlands and woodlands; as it is surrounded by other properties as part of the White Lake Basin Biodiversity Ranch.