Elkink South Block

A contribution was made to The Nature Conservancy of Canada to secure this 1,836 acre parcel which supports rare grassland habitats, a range of wildlife, as well as species-at-risk in the South Okanagan. The property is an important migration route and refuge for species such as: Black bear, Lazull bunting, Rattlesnake, Racer, Western harvest mouse, FBI pocket mouse, Brewers sparrow, Western meadowlark, Behr’s hairstreak, Mule deer, Gopher snake, Lewis woodpecker, Badger, Coyote, Burrowing owl, Northern harrier, Prairie falcon, Grasshopper sparrow, Magpie and Sage thrasher.  Plant species include; Native bluebunch wheatgrass, Sagebrush, Lyall’s mariposa lily, Flat topped broomrate, Whited’s halimbolos, Cock-comb cat’s eye.

The Elkink South Block is widely regarded as a top conservation priority for its remarkable biodiversity.  The combination of climate, location and diversity of habitats make it a biodiversity hotspot for both resident and migratory species.