Chase Property

The Chase property contains a diverse number of species and habitat types, including at least 7 globally rare plant communities.  The lower portion of the property contains mixed coniferous and deciduous forests, including Douglas-fir and abundant numbers of large Western yew.  Garry oak and Arbutus are mixed throughout the middle to upper elevations along with old-growth Douglas-fir, Lodgepole pine and Manzanita.

A federally and provincially endangered plant, the White-top aster has been reported on the property as well as two blue listed plants, Farewell-to-spring and California-tea.  The cliffs are known to provide nesting habitat for Turkey vultures and Peregrine falcons.  Boulder fields, found at the base of the cliffs, create structural diversity elements, including numerous caves.  These areas benefit small mammals and therefore birds of prey such as owls are in abundance.

A creek running through the property gives rise to riparian habitat which is important to Red-legged frogs, Rough-skinned newts and other amphibians. The creek flows into a wetland that provides habitat for a variety of water fowl. The property also supports wildlife species such as deer, black bear and cougars.