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Please review the About John B Holdstock and the John B Holdstock Scholarship Information and Criteria webpages for important details about the John B. Holdstock Scholarship prior to completing and submitting your application below. (Applications Deadline: 3:00 PM (Pacific Time) April 30th, 2018).

As described in the Application Criteria, the application process requires you to upload numerous files.  Please have the files ready for upload prior to initiating your on-line application.

You will not be able to save your online application once it has been started.

When filling out the form below, use the Tab key to move between fields rather than the Enter key, as the enter key will trigger the submit button. Once you have submitted your application, you will not be able to return to it for the purposes of editing or reviewing.

If your application has been submitted successfully you will receive an on-screen confirmation notification (or an error message if any of the mandatory fields are incomplete).

Please note there is no automatic print feature for this application. If you would like a printed copy you must print a copy of your submission manually (by using your browser’s “print” button) PRIOR to hitting the application submit button.

Please provide your full name
Unit #; street number; street name
You must reside in the province of British Columbia to meet eligibility
Please be very certain this information is entered correctly, as email is our first chosen form of communication to contact you should you be the successful recipient!
Name of University or College in which you are enrolled
Type of degree/diploma/certificate sought
List relevant courses you plan to study.
Please provide a reference letter as proof of current or past participation in outdoors conservation work in BC involving fish, wildlife and/or habitat conservation.
Students must have achieved a minimum GPA 3.5 or grade B.  Please provide copies of transcripts or report card as proof of grades.
Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 80% course load (where applicable).  Although this is a compulsory requirement (if applicable), it is not mandatory to provide your proof of enrolment from the University/College at this time, with your application submission, due to the timing of the application deadline versus Fall semester enrolment deadlines.  You will, however, be asked to provide this proof at a later date if you haven't done so now, in order to meet scholarship eligibility.
Please provide a brief essay about your interest in pursuing fish, wildlife and habitat conservation as part of your academic studies.  (Suggested inclusions: relevant personal interests and activities, academic goals, academic distinctions and achievements, career plans and how wildlife resources would benefit from your involvement)