The Park Rill Creek Infill East property located southwest of Penticton in the South Okanagan is surrounded by The Nature Trust of British Columbia’s White Lake Basin Biodiversity Ranch complex. This 32.2 ha (80 acre) property lies within the Okanagan very hot dry Ponderosa Pine biogeoclimatic zone.  Most of the property remains in a relatively natural state with ecosystems that are considered sensitive; consisting of sagebrush steppe, riparian floodplain, grassland, broadleaf woodlands, seasonally flooded fields, wetlands, and sparsely vegetated rocky outcrops.

The property provides habitat for a number of species at risk as well as local Mule Deer and upland game bird populations.  Habitat for two endangered species are on the property: Rusty Cord-moss and Halfmoon Hairstreak butterfly. The Red-listed Brewer’s Sparrow has been confirmed here and the Red-listed American Badger and Lewis’s Woodpecker may also be located here. The property features a section of Park Rill Creek, which provides habitat for the Blue-listed Painted Turtle. The Red-listed Blotched Tiger Salamander has been recorded just outside the eastern boundary of this property along the creek.

Park Rill Creek Infill East adds a critical inholding to the existing important White Lake Basin Biodiversity Ranch conservation area, and addresses a number of potential threats to biodiversity including habitat loss and degradation from urban, agriculture and recreational activities for multiple wildlife species both common and at risk. This property will be managed as part of the conservation complex which will increase the quality of the wildlife habitat, connectivity and sensitive ecosystems that occur on the property.