Land for Wildlife Fund Application Process

Grant intakes occur twice per year on June 15 and November 15 (end of day).

Announcements for applications take place on our web site, social media and other communication channels.

Proposal applications are only accepted by submission through our web site.

BC Conservation Foundation will notify potential applications when there is funding available.


Applications must include two (2) Letters of Support. Letters of Support that may come from local community organizations and/or local Indigenous communities.

Additional financial information and/or other documentation deemed relevant may be requested.

Click here to download a Land For Wildlife Fund Application.

Upload your completed Land For Wildlife Fund Application and 2 Letters of Support below.

Funding Eligibility & Conditions

1. Funding is to be spent on the purchase price of the property rather than land management.

2. Lands must be managed for conservation purposes and available for public use.

3. Land is designated as private property (i.e. freehold), rather than Federal or Provincial Crown land, or First Nations Treaty Settlement land.

4. Land enhancement projects or other land management projects are not eligible for funding.

5. Proponents must obtain pre-approval of any necessary land designation changes for conservation purposes prior to applying for funding.

6. In the event that the proponent sells, transfers or disposes its business that may affect the land purchase agreement, the proponent must:

  • Notify BC Conservation Foundation immediately;
  • Disclose all relevant information regarding the acquisition or disposition of the land.
  • Provide BCCF with proceeds from the acquisition or disposition of land that is equal to BCCF’s initial monetary contribution, plus 3% annual compound interest from the date of transaction.

7. Successful proponents must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that confirms the awarded funding amount and project conditions.

8. The proponent must send an invoice ten (10) days prior to the stipulated closing date of the property purchase for the approved funding amount.

9. The proponent must publicly recognize funding contributions from BC Conservation Foundation on all publications, media releases, presentations, websites, electronic and social media and signage pertaining to the land purchase.

10. The proponent consents to erecting signage that contains a highly visible BCCF logo that is a minimum of 15cm x 15cm in size. A photo of the signage must be sent to BCCF for authentication purposes within three (3) months after the property transaction is complete.

For more information, contact info(at)